The top 10 business ideas for housewives!

Businesses ideas for housewives

This post is concerned with providing business ideas for housewives. As a result, we ask that you read it carefully because it may be of interest to you.

It has become idealistic for so many women to consider taking care of their home domestic work, therefore disregarding their learned professions in either tertiary institutions or vocational institutes.

Although they do this not because they cherish them but because they want to be the best mother to their children. most of them don’t want anything that will distract them from the home she was assigned to care for.

Few of the women may not have any business ideas to venture into, so they won’t feel the boredom of just staying at home to take care of and nurse their children.

They need business ideas, but sometimes they may be disturbed because there have been so many businesses to do, but the idea of which one to choose to suit them would be a problem.

Moreover, the business to consider is the one they can do from home without having to stay long outside. And in the list, we shall unveil the business plans which include; The requirements to get into the business.

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List Of Business Ideas For Housewives

1. Poultry Business

The poultry business is one of the forms of animal husbandry. They deal with raising chicken from the day-old to adulthood (eatable size) to make profits.

Requirements for poultry business

Starting a poultry business depends on if it’s on a Small scale or large scale. But for a housewife, it would be more advisable to start from a small scale to develop the business. Doing so will allow you to focus more on your home as much as you are doing your business.

The list of things to put in place for poultry business include;

2. Freelancing Business

The quest to work independently, and not a 9-5 hours job has made freelancing more interesting for so many skilful individuals.

Would you rather enjoy being fixed and remain an employee of certain companies? Or would you prefer to be independent working for different clients from different companies in your limited time? The answer would be to be independent, working for different clients.

So, for you as a housewife you need a job that will give you some kind of liberty, therefore you can easily work from anywhere provided your connections with your clients are intact.

Requirements for freelance work

  • define your goals and face them.
  • Study to master your target clients
  • Set an adorable price for your services
  • Build a nice and enticing website
  • Market your brand
  • Prove your services and place yourself in the demand zone.

3. Beauty expert/advisor

If you are skilful in beauty expertise like make-up, hair plaiting and so on, you can make yourself a sort out for because this is among the best business ideas for housewives. So many people including celebrities want a beauty advisor who can guide them. Therefore to perfect yourself, easily create a brand of service you render and market your brand.

4. Start a Copywriting Business

Writing is not arguable when it’s taken as a job for some persons who are skillfully in it. These writers put things together; promotional materials for businesses, advertising, commercials, direct mailings, and newsletters.
Copywriters specialise in anything that has to do with communication, advertising, marketing and so on. One of the challenges about doing the business is getting people to know you are good at it and sourcing for clients.

5. Mini Importation Business

Mini importation is a nice business idea for any housewife staying in Nigeria or Ghana and other parts of African countries that want a good business. The business is not much stressful, and it doesn’t consume much of your time. All you need is a smartphone or a workable laptop with an Internet connection you will use to reach the host companies where you will get the goods at affordable rates.

6. Online Marketing

The Internet has made marketing of products very easy and affordable, unlike the olden days’ means of marketing where you either meet people individually or make payment in a broadcast or print media for advertisement
Such olden procedures are time-consuming, and in the end, you may not make out a reasonable result. But now, with the help of your phone or laptop, you can easily advertise your product to millions of people both in your localities and beyond.
Social media has been of tremendous benefit for running such promotions. For example, you can easily publish a product on your Facebook page or WhatsApp status and interested buyers will easily communicate with you and the deal is done.

7. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a kind of eCommerce where you as a seller don’t need to purchase or store any goods to sell. Rather you partner with the Dropshipping companies and act as a middle person that connects the supplier and the customers. All goods that the supplier has to ship would be sent directly to the buyers, you will only earn some commissions for linking the two parties.
Starting the business doesn’t cost much, all you need is your browsing gadget and creating an account to partner with the Dropshipping company, then promote the products to potential buyers.

8. Fish Farming Business

Fish farming is a good lucrative business for everyone. Although choosing a good specie for the business is very important. Few species have over time considered being best for rearing domestically to make a profit.

Here are a few lists of the fish species:

  • Blue Nile Tilapia
  • Catfish
  • Other Tilapia
  • Carp
  • Salmon
  • Perch
  • Hybrid Striped
  • Trout

Having seen the list of fish you can raise for profit as a housewife, some requirements will help you actualize the dream of being a fish farmer in your home. They include :

  • you will provide a space for your fish pond
  • Every business requires learning to master.
    Therefore, you will look for a good coach.
  • Feeding is one of the things to consider in rearing a fish. You must have fish feed to sustain and facilitate the growth of your fish.
  • Vaccination is very important in any animal breeding. Therefore you must provide drugs that help in the growth of your fish.
  • Study market demand in your locality to know the quantity of fish to rear.

9. Clothing and fashion designing business

If you are skilful in Clothing and fashion design, it will not be overlooked, because you can still do the business in the comfort of your home.
There are so many fashion designers that work from home. All you need is to promote your service; tell people around you, even in the marketplace where you go to get some groceries you can chip in your service in between your conversations.
Post your designs online and create a nice name for online marketing, and create a social media page for your business. If your business start growing, employ workers to help you maintain and sort the demand from your customers.

10. Online tutor

Is there something that you are good at, and you want to create an impact on people even when you charge them some money?
Online is the best place to meet as many people as you can imagine. Being a housewife does not prevent you from teaching people your expertise. Be it dish making process, or baking.
how to do stuff like making perfume, soap making and so on.
In this process, all you need is an Internet connection and your phone camera or any good digital camera, and your desktop or laptop for editing.


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